Our six-month milestone update

In just the last six months, we have made incredible tangible progress in advancing research, raising awareness, and strengthening collaborations. With each achievement, we bring ourselves closer to our ultimate goal of finding a cure for follicular lymphoma and improving the lives of those affected by this type of cancer. These incredible achievements couldn’t have been possible without the generous support and contributions from the FLF community. Thank you for your unwavering support.

CURE FL Awardees: Investing in vital research 

Following an extensive and competitive selection process, we proudly announced our first four exceptional CURE FL awardees. These deserving researchers have been chosen to receive funding and support from the FLF. Over the next two years, the FLF will be investing $2 million into vital research projects focused on cellular immunotherapies and targeted therapies. We eagerly anticipate launching our second cycle this summer, continuing our commitment to supporting ground-breaking research in the fight against FL. Learn more about the awardees.


FL Global Summit: Joining forces to cure follicular lymphoma

Our inaugural FL Global Summit, themed “Joining Forces to Cure Follicular Lymphoma,” in Israel at the start of the year, proved to be a resounding success. The landmark event brought together renowned researchers and experts from around the world, facilitating thought-provoking panel discussions and valuable knowledge exchange. The summit provided an invaluable opportunity for us to forge connections with key academic and research stakeholders. By fostering collaborations, we are better equipped to advance our mission. Read more about our summit here.


New FLF branch in Israel: Expanding our global community

Building on the success of our FL summit in Tel Aviv, we are thrilled to announce the official opening of our new Follicular Lymphoma Foundation branch in Israel. This exciting milestone brings us one step closer to finding a cure for follicular lymphoma and allows us to extend our unwavering support to a broader community of patients and researchers. To view more information about the foundation’s formal expansion to Israel, please click here.


Satellite Symposium at ICML: Raising awareness around FL

On June 15th, we had the privilege of hosting the “What will it take to cure follicular lymphoma?” Satellite Symposium at the 17th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML) in Lugano. This significant event raised important awareness about FL and also fostered collaboration among experts in the field. We have prepared a comprehensive review of our time at ICML and detailed information about our satellite symposium, which can be found here.


Your Support Hub: A dedicated space for FL patients

Committed to providing trustworthy and useful information, we recently launched “Your Support Hub.” This essential resource offers a safe space for patients to share their stories and access a wide range of non-bias information including an FL glossary. Additionally, it served as the venue for our successful first webinar, “An Overview of Follicular Lymphoma”, which you can watch here. Visit Your Support Hub” on our website now to find out more about our offerings to patients and their loved ones.


Symposium at ASH: Shining a spotlight on FL

Members of the FLF team were delighted to attend the American Society of Haematology (ASH) in New Orleans at the end of last year. As part of this, we were welcomed to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society event where we announced our four CURE FL awardees. This event served as a fantastic platform to bring attention to follicular lymphoma. It also allowed us to foster valuable relationships with key researchers, academics, clinicians and Life Science companies which we’re still building on to this day. Our presence at ASH allowed us to showcase our work, raise awareness about FL, and have lots of meetings with industry and top scientists. View our reflections on ASH here.


In conclusion, the Follicular Lymphoma Foundation has achieved remarkable progress in the last six months, thanks to the steadfast support and contributions of the FLF community. Through the establishment of “Your Support Hub” for patients, the successful organisation of the Satellite Symposium at ICML and ASH, and the expansion of our foundation to Israel, we continue to advance our mission of finding a cure for follicular lymphoma and improving the lives of those affected. We remain committed to this cause and look forward to the exciting developments that lie ahead in the coming six months.

If you have any questions about our achievements or would like further information, then do reach out to the team at info@theflf.org. Interested in donating to support our mission? Donate online here.