Paul’s story

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My name is Paul and I’m from the UK. I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, stage IIIA, in October 2022. I view myself as an eternal optimist who lives life to the full, and this hasn’t changed since my diagnosis.

I discovered I had follicular lymphoma after noticing an unexpected lump on the top of my left leg. This led me to seek medical attention, resulting in scans and a biopsy. It was a moment of profound shock to hear the results of the biopsies, especially since I didn’t feel unwell at all. The realisation of my condition and the seriousness of the diagnosis was initially daunting, but I was determined to face this challenge head-on.



Living with follicular lymphoma has been a journey of both challenges and triumphs. The biggest challenge was grappling with the uncertainty of what the diagnosis meant for my life, which was otherwise full and active!

It brought a stark realisation of my own mortality, prompting me to re-evaluate my priorities and focus on what truly matters. A particularly tough phase was the third cycle of my treatment, where the cumulative effects of the drugs made me very nauseous and sapped my energy.

Among the triumphs, the most significant was the positive response my body had to the treatment. Halfway through, a CT scan showed that the lymphoma was responding excellently to the treatment, giving me hope for complete remission, which thankfully I achieved by the end of my treatment. 

(C) Blake Ezra Photography 2023 @BlakeEzraPhoto info@blakeezraphotography.comNot to be reproduced without written permission.

This journey has been one of the most resilience-testing experiences of my life, but it has also allowed me to use my professional skills as a speaker to motivate and inspire others facing similar challenges.

The one piece of advice I would offer to others in the follicular lymphoma community is to hold onto hope. Understand that follicular lymphoma isn’t necessarily going to shorten your life. It’s a condition that’s treatable and has predictable outcomes. I encourage everyone to maintain a positive outlook, trust in the treatment, and have faith in their medical team.

The work being done by the Follicular Lymphoma Foundation is extraordinary, and I do not doubt that they will find the cure within a decade. This belief gives us all immense hope for the future. So, stay positive, follow your treatment plan, and know that there is great hope ahead.



Another triumph has been my involvement with the team at the Follicular Lymphoma Foundation, turning my diagnosis into an opportunity to help others.

Paul’s speech at the FLF’s Invisible Incurable Gala Dinner 

On the 8th November 2023, Paul kindly spoke at the FLF’s inaugural Invisible Incurable Gala Dinner. You can read about the gala dinner here. Paul’s speech about his diagnosis and experience with follicular lymphoma was a stand-out moment from the night. His inspiring words resonated with the audience and offered a glimpse at the many challenges faced by follicular lymphoma patients and their loved ones. You can view Paul’s inspiring speech below: