“My uncle was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma 9 years ago and I felt it would be a great opportunity to support a charity that directly focuses on his cancer.   ”

Emily Watson

“One of my goals is to try and connect every FL patient in world so together we can work towards finding a cure. The Follicular Lymphoma Foundation is helping us do this. We can help by raising awareness and funds to allow the FLF to work towards this goal. ”

Nicky Greenhalgh

“I believe the Follicular Lymphoma Foundation will accelerate profoundly the time when FL suffering and death are eliminated — and in doing so — deliver curative new drugs for more than 20 other forms of currently incurable human cancers with FL identical genomic targets”

Jonathan W. Simons, MD, President and CEO, Prostate Cancer Foundation

“My loneliness, confusion, questions, doubts, fears and happiness are no longer an isolation to me, as I know I am no longer alone! Thank you again [FLF] just for being here.”

Jackie Jean Murphy (diagnosed 2017)

“Thank you so much for your determination to change the outlook for FL patients”

Christopher Michael

"Thank you you for all your efforts, really appreciate it as a lymphoma patient myself."

Jayne Mercer

"I completed the GNR [Great Northern Run] on Sunday 12th September. It was a fabulous experience and the icing on the cake was the generosity of my family and friends in donating to my fundraising for the Follicular Lymphoma Foundation to help find new treatments and a cure for FL."

Wendy Williams

"Raising awareness to such a vast group of people could potentially make one person get that little lump checked."

Amy Beech

"We do not have to do this alone, we have a community that stands behind us. There is hope and I live with the understanding that a positive outlook on life will help me to live a longer and fuller life"

Thomas Watson

"When looking into my type of cancer, I realised how unknown it is to most people, however, in my search I found The Follicular Lymphoma Foundation that aims to find a cure. I know how important and rewarding it is to exchange experiences with people who are living in situations similar to ours, with the same doubts, fears, weaknesses and hopes, and how rewarding the mutual help of a group is."

Lilia Luzes

"I’m so grateful to The Follicular Lymphoma Foundation for shining a light on this little-known cancer and hopeful that we can one day find a cure!"

Paul Mollitt

"I am grateful I found this group."

Cindy Caldwell Vella

"The group's on Facebook have helped made my cancer diagnosis easier to deal with and along the way I have made some fantastic friends'"

Barry Higgott