An introduction to follicular lymphoma

Dr Jessica Okosun

An introduction to follicular lymphoma 

In this video, Dr Okosun provides an informative overview of follicular lymphoma (FL), covering its treatment perspectives, research progress, and challenges. Dr Okosun aims to navigate the complexities of this indolent lymphoma, shedding light on its diverse nature and impact on patients. With an emphasis on improving outcomes, the current understanding of FL and its diagnostic methods, prognosis, and potential for cure is explored. Additionally, the need for increased research funding and sharing of patient examples to illustrate the variability of clinical journeys is highlighted. 

Dr Jessica Okosun–
Scientific Advisor, Follicular Lymphoma Foundation,

Assistant Professor and Clinician Scientist, Barts Cancer Institute

Dr Okosun is a Consultant Haematologist at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London UK specialising in lymphomas. Her research interests are focused on understanding how lymphomas initiate, diversify and evolve, particularly follicular lymphoma in a bid to define novel biomarkers and improve treatment. Jessica has been advising the FLF since February 2019.