The Precision Medicine Programme

Unlocking the power of precision medicine for FL patients

The Precision Medicine Programme (PMP) is a ground-breaking initiative, mobilising the Follicular Lymphoma (FL) patient community to fuel a targeted acceleration in FL research and clinical development.

Delivering the PMP will accelerate finding a cure

Our aim is to unlock the power of bespoke, precision medicine for Follicular Lymphoma patients – transforming treatment options and accelerating us on our path to a cure.

The PMP will leverage real-world data, including biological data to promote new directions in FL research and will drive biopharma and industry drug development.

The core impact of PMP is to understand each patient’s unique biology and use this to predict the best option for therapy based on that information. By delivering the PMP, we expect an array of scientific findings to improve the care and longevity of every FL patient

The PMP objectives

Together with our partners, we engaged with clinicians, researchers, life sciences and patients across the globe to identify through consensus the top unmet needs in FL, and therefore the key objectives of the PMP:

• Understand better the biology of FL (which can vary from patient to patient)
• Optimise treatment regimens & sequencing – knowing what FL treatments and in which order will give the best results
• Profile and predict treatment toxicity
• Develop surrogate endpoints (an indicator used to predict if a treatment works)
• Generate real-world data

‘The Precision Medicine Programme will be a unique resource of great value to researchers and ultimately to patients enabling and accelerating biologic and clinical research and trials, and ultimately to find a cure for FL.’

Dr Mitchell Smith - Chief Medical Officer

Precision Medicine Programme - tailored treatment to you

Our goal of the PMP is to improve treatment strategies and speed up the development of new treatments, and ultimately a cure, for every FL patient:

  • by providing evidence-based information to doctors and patients to make personalised treatment decisions.
  • by being able to predict and reduce treatment side effects, allowing patients to make decisions that balance both effectiveness and toxicity.
  • by creating a better understanding of the disease and new methods that will reduce the time it takes for new treatments to be developed.

This project rests on collecting the largest set of information on FL that will give a new picture for doctors, researchers, and patients about the disease.

We will be keeping you updated on our progress through our community communications, this site and our social channels about when this project will be launching so watch this space.